Maple Cupcakes

Maple Cupcakes

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I added extra maple syrup (1.5 cups) and some extra milk to make the batter a bit more moist. However, the overall flavor was still too light for the amount of maple syrup I put in. I would recommend more milk or even more maple syrup if you want to spend the money on a full bottle of maple syrup.

The frosting was a vanilla buttercream, with a dash of maple syrup. The dash of maple syrup provided a nice touch, so then the frosting wasn’t just sugary butter. The consistency of the frosting was perfect. The maple syrup provided some liquid, but it was also made it so the frosting was smooth.

I don’t think I would make this recipe again because the maple flavor was so light that it didn’t taste like anything. I would recommend to add maple extract to give it more flavor. The cake was also a bit dry, even though I added more syrup than the recipe called for. A more economic option would probably be to make vanilla cupcakes with a thick maple buttercream.



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